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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I have uploaded... Amiga Format Presents... "The Guide To Upgrading Your Machine"
The video is described as being a full length tutorial but in actual fact only lasts 24 minutes! - I would not have been pleased with this back in the day if I had paid £14.99 for it!! Anyway, it's worth watching if only to see Nick Veitch looking so young

Thanks again to Paul_s for sending me this video to convert to AVI.
If anyone else has has any tapes or DVD's please think about sharing them or sending them to me for AVI conversion.

Can the upload be moved to the correct area please ... :-)
yay... just going to download it now.

I can't remember what I paid for it to be honest back in the day but when I came to looking at the tape some years ago I thought 24 minutes was a tad short myself!
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