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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
The way I see it, my real-life A500 (Screen Gems pack) setup from Christmas 1990 was recreated in one configuration file on WinUAE, and the same for my A1200 Nigel Mansell setup (with HDD) from September 1993 was recreated in one configuration file. I've tried to stick with that simple model ever since. I try and imagine what my dream A4000 configuration would be and go with that for all the high-end stuff (JIT conditions for emulation imposed, of course).

Back then, I would've stuck with floppies or installed the few HDD demos on the IDE drive from floppies, but if I'd later on had an opportunity to use WHDLoad, I would've taken it up and so have been able to store lots of games on the one HDD, and thus one configuration. It's more efficient that way.
Well, not everyone is you

If you're using a real Amiga then you don't have much choice but to use your methodology; with emulation though it's a completely different matter...

...also, don't forget that virtually all emulated game collections use "1 game per configuration file".

There are many advantages when using this method:

a) If some game / demo gets updated you only have to update that one file.
b) As opposed to having *everything* on one .HDF, you don't accidently corrupting something else when just updating that one game / demo.
c) Different games / demos might require different versions of SetPatch / libraries etc. How do you handle that with only one .HDF?
d) Many other reasons I've forgotten about and am too lazy to list right now.
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