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Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
This would make the machine boot, but it can't remember the next line, because it does a fresh reboot which loads S:startup-sequence from HD then.

One way is to modify/rewrite/replace the startup-sequence file to do what you want, but that'll easily end up in total mess, and it also makes filesystem errors more likely. So I wouldn't do that in any case.

Another option is to have some startmenu thing in the boot, which would do different actions if you keep mouse button or key pressed during the boot, but that isn't exactly what you want and it wouldn't be much easier than booting without the startup-sequence.

The closest solution I can think now (when still trying to wake up) is to use the RAD: drive (reset proof and bootable ram disk) to boot the game.

IconX script could look like this (didn't try):
Mount RAD:
Install RAD:
MakeDir RAD:S
Echo "CD dh1:games/o/omegarace" > RAD:S/startup-sequence
Echo "omegarace" >> RAD:S/startup-sequence
When booting from RAD: you probably also miss some libraries which are needed to launch the game. You could either make the script make Libs directory and copy the needed ones to RAD:Libs, or maybe it would just work if you insert another Echo line there between the other echo lines (Echo "Assign LIBS: DH0:Libs/ ADD" >> RAD:S/startup-sequence) or so
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