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Originally Posted by spidi View Post
It works using the RyśMKII interface. This interface makes the conversion.
I apologize if I am as dense as a brick but I still do not get it.

The page lists these joystick modes:
  • 1 blink – „Joystick” mode
  • 2 blinks – „Pad” mode
  • 3 blinks - „Pad - mouse emulation” mode
But I have a hard time mapping them to the kind of inputs the Amiga sees in each mode. Let me try to explain why I am confused.

The Amiga can distinguish (roughly) three types of inputs in its DB9 ports:
DIGITAL: digital joystick, two digital axis plus three digital buttons
ANALOG: analog joystick, two analog axis plus three digital buttons
MICE: kittenmouse, two quadrature encoded analog axis plus three digital buttons

I guess that the mapping is the following:
  • 1 blink
  • 3 blinks

But I am not sure whether "2 blinks" generates DIGITAL or ANALOG types of input.

Also, ideally I would love to be able to generate ANALOG inputs from a digital joystick (off = 0, on = 255), and vice-versa.

I hope I managed to be clearer this time.
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