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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
Yes, the Gotek only uses the 5v line.

The rule of thumb is that it should be +/- 5% of the nominal voltage. See the following for a comprehensive guide:

So based on that your PC ATX supply has quite a low +5V supply and your Amiga 1200 PSU has quite a high 12V supply.
I tried my Gotek with all powersupply but there was no any changes but I realized when the voltages is too few the mouse is can lagging and some games (for example: Uridium 2, Double Dragon 3) video sign is wrong with scart cable. The picture is run and jumping.

Today my other Gotek was arrived. I tried both similar jumper settings and same cables. I write back the FF.cfg to interface=jc. I used same pendrive.

The test result:
- Old Gotek is stopping the loading after the Golden Axe crack than earlier.
- New Gote is loading the game fine.

It seems there is any problem with my old Gotek but I can use it fully with modified FF.cfg.

I thank everybody's comment!

ps.: I will send again my old Gote to my friend and He will test it again. Earlier His computer is handled correctly the JC jumper settings. It is a big mistery...
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