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Good news! Turns out there is an easy way to prevent AMOS from clipping bobs along the horizontal edges (at least for the simple testing program I made):

Doke Screen Base+76,NEW_SCREEN_WIDTH

By chosing NEW_SCREEN_WIDTH larger than the original (real) screen width, the automatic Bob clipping is delayed until a Bob reaches x-coordinate NEW_SCREEN_WIDTH. Thus one may corkscrew scroll horizontally as far as the largest value of NEW_SCREEN_WIDTH permits (presumably $FFFF, which would be 204 x 320 screens wide).

I have not tested this properly yet, meaning there might be any sort of trouble here that I'm unaware of. I should also say that the address Screen Base+76 was discovered through inspection rather than reading the documentation (if such a thing exists). But it seems to work generally, at least the address remains static for various choices of colour depths and screen sizes.

The value written to Screen Base+76 should directly affect the value returned by Screen Width.
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