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Originally Posted by phx View Post
You are probably talking about the "split", when scrolling in vertical direction, although you mentioned x-offsets? The Copper is used to connect the end of your bitmap with the start of your bitmap, by resetting the BPLxPTs in the middle of the display.
I'm trying to make a horizontal scroller, which means I don't require any vertical copper splitting. But your expert tip for handling bobs in this case is gratefully accepted Although, I probably won't try a copper splitting vertical scroller in AMOS because I haven't quite grasped which features I involuntarily relenquish by so doing. And being very intrusive sort of defeats the purpose of using AMOS anyway I think.

The problem I'm trying to address is the analogue situation where the top and bottom of the bitmap are replaced by the left and right edge of the bitmap. Here the bobs are being clipped, but I don't want them to. I wonder if this is a rather AMOS-specific issue, or if it is common to other languages as well?
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