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Aminet: two additional mirrors are online, further changes

In addition to the Aminet servers and are now in use again, further mirrors will follow before long. Whoever wants to run an official Aminet mirror on his own and has the corresponding resources at his disposal is cordially invited to contact the Aminet team.

Contrary to former times Aminet mirrors now only act as pure download servers. A web interface is now only available at, all the other servers will simply forward to this address. The download links of the web interfaces refer to a Mirror , which is chosen coincidentally - alternatively you can also set a certain server as a preferred download source when pressing setup.

All servers can of course still be reached via FTP, uploads, however, will only be accepted by the server

After a good 10 years "Fish Disks",the legendary PD disc series, has found its way into Aminet: You will find all of the 1000 discs and an index as well in the directory misc/fish.

Files without suffix won't be accepted anymore with immediated effect, as this makes the internal scripts unnecessarily complicated. All existing files without suffix will be either renamed or put into an LhA archive. (cg) (Translation: iw)

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