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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
SCSI debug kernels don't appear to work correctly.

DMA serial: Prints "sd0 at scsibus0..." and drops to debugger. Non-debug would have started doing PIO while WD is in DMA mode after this.

sbicwait TIMEO @1098 with asr=x20 csr=x8e
Stopped in pid 0.16 (system) at 5df5a: unlk a6
It drops into debugger by design in case of timeout on sbicwait if DEBUG is enabled. Please use "bt" command to obtain back trace. This way we'll exactly know where in the driver's code sbicwait was called (and what it is waiting for). You can type "continue" to let it run further. Or you might be interested in other possible debugger commands.

Non-DMA serial seems to work even worse, it crashes before "sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0: <UAE, NetBSD_4GB_HD.h, 0.3 disk fixed" is logged. (This is my netbsd5 test image, contents don't matter because it hasn't read any blocks yet anyway)

MMU: page fault (logical addr=FF9B8005 SSW=0315 read=0 size=1 fc=5 pc=00254174)
uvm_fault(0x42f470, 0xff9b8000, 0x2) -> 0xe
. type 8, code [mmu,,ssw]: 4020315
.trap type 8, code = 4020315, v = ff9b8005
.pid = 0, lid = 16, pc = 00254174, ps = 2204, sfc = 1, dfc = 1
.panic: MMU fault
.Stopped in pid 0.16 (system) at 5df6e: unlk a6

Does it have broken debugging or something else? IDE version worked fine and logged normal looking debug stuff without crashing.

Tried with 68030 and 68060 MMU emulation modes, exact same happens with both.
This shouldn't happen. I'll try to find a SCSI CD-ROM and test it on a real hardware. It's possible that non-DMA mode is broken, this probably wasn't tested is some last 10 years . Almost all 33C93 drivers use DMA by default. Nevertheless, can you use "bt" to obtain back trace?
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