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Wink Some of my favourite game tunes

The good old days of 100k mods rather than a 20Mb mp3 file is another reason I think PC games are naff! Squeezing a kick-arse tune out of 100k of memory is just awesome! Anyway, some of my favourites (all from memory, some names maybe wrong!)

Chuck Rock (4Mat/Anarchy)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Allistair Brimble, great (small) chip tune!)
Final Fight (The Judge)
Harley Davidson (Kevin Collier)
Line of Fire (Uncle Art)
Lotus (all 3)
Project X (Allistair Brimble)
Qwak (Allistair Brimble)
SuperCars (both games) - Barry Leitch
Superfrog (Allistair Brimble)
Turrican (all 3 - Chris Huelsbeck)
Xenon 2 (Dave Whittaker)

Turrican 2 will probably be remembered by most Amiga guys as the best ever soundtrack for anything - that could be a movie soundtrack as far as I'm concerned, so many tunes and so suitable to each part of the game! Brilliant!
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