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NovaCoder thanks for this great work !

I ran it yesterday on an A1260@55/75Mhz (256MB Fast, 3.9 Roms, FastATA IV, Indivision MK2) :
- I got a bit of lag in 640x512, but it worked very well in 640x256 (modified in 800x600 with the Indi)
- I first choosed no MIDI sound but I will test again this evening since I only discover now this topic about libraries and AHI tuning

I started to play the game (Yay ! Stables investigation lol !) but had to stop mainly because of two reasons :
- Mouse speed makes it unplayable for the moment. However I use a RYS USB adapter so it may be better with a true DB9 mouse, I will test that asap.
- When moving the Avatar, the game needs to load DATA to display the surroundings. The HDD starts to work and during this time the game freezes. I wonder if it may come from the fact that my 060 is fully used during IDE transfers, I will test asap with an SCSI disk. For information my transfer rate is around 6,2 MB/s using PDS3, an SSD, and PIO3 mode. PIO4 gives 7,x speeds but is touchy with certain files.

I felt very proud making run a PC title on an Amiga ! I played Ultima 7 on PC and I still have my Exult compatible savegames, I can't wait to check if I may be able to finish the game on Amiga
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