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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I was supossing there has to be an easy way. I'll try it. Thanks! But where are those preferences exactly?
And still I think I have to copy the mui preferences to had the same look of the AmigaSys Ibrowse.

EDIT: Better forget all what I've said about changing the Ibrowse from AmigaSys. It seem I'll have to change endless things to make it the same.
Click on the Preferences/Settings menu and in the left panel double-click on GUI and then select fastlink. By click the add-button in the right panel, you can add another fastlink button.

For you MUI-settings: copy the 'Envarc:MUI' drawer from you amigasys system to your other system. Maybe it also best to copy the entire Fonts folder to your other system.

When you copy the Ibrowse drawer, don't forget to copy it's sub-drawers.
The images of the buttons are in the 'Images'-subdrawer of the Ibrowse drawer.
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