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Addams Family Graphics glitches

Hey there. Just thought I'd let you know that I seem unable to get a perfect version of Addams Family running through WHDLoad when using custom OSes like ClassicWB, AIAB etc. At first it was sound *and* graphics problems, but using the "uae-configuration" guide helped fix the sound at least (JIT was affecting it). But the gfx problem remains. Many sprites out-of-colour, Thing animation at startup looks glitchy. It doesn't make a difference if the cpu_speed flag is used (I'm mostly using cachesize).

I don't know if it's the slave, WHDLoad, WinUAE, or the OS I'm using, but I thought I'd report it here just in case. I'm using WinUAE 1.4.0 and WHDLoad 16.7.4217 btw.

Here's what I've found out just now (currently using ClassicWB P96 edition, latest version, using its default UAE setup):

When emulating a 68020 or 68040, the graphics are fine but the sound is fucked when JIT is enabled. Using uae-configuration however - while fixing the sound - screws the graphics up in turn. Curiously though, if I manually disable JIT through WinUAE's GUI - the graphics remain intact and good.

On a 68020+FPU, both graphics and sound are bad when JIT is on, and good when JIT is off. Same problem where uae-configuration doesn't ensure the graphics remain perfect, but turning off JIT through the GUI does. UPDATE: ok, erm, I don't seem to be getting the "both problems at once" thing with an FPU now. Is emulation this random?

So, erm, bottom line then: Addams Family's soundbank doesn't like JIT, FPU may or may not make a difference, uae-configuration isn't as flawless at doing things properly as WinUAE itself.

Maybe changing the slave to use Kick 1.3 emulation might work?
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