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Thanks for the link, I had also looked at but it wasn't there before. At least the latest version.

I believe the site was originally at, then it went down and it was long time working at (which is probably where it was originally hosted anyway).

I had an account to edit the wiki on the site (as "MindWalker") and I did some rewrites to the WinUAE installation info and added some other stuff. I have the stuff that I uploaded, but I was missing the texts as I wrote them directly to the wiki editor and never made a local copy

I have tried emailing failure ( admin) couple of times during the time the site has been down, but haven't heard back. If we were to assume the site is dead, should we try to recreate (at least the installation manual) somewhere? I guess I could do that, based on the old wiki pages. A sticky post on this subforum or something else?

I believe I also know has the domain, I'll email him and ask about it (again).
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