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Help to get A4000T online and networked with my PC

I'll be receiving my "hopefully" fixed A4000T in the near future and I'll need to get it online and networked with my PC. During the last month my Amiga worked (when ADSL was new in Turkey) I got connected using dial up but it's no longer a solution. I bought an X-Surf2 which was faulty when it arrived so I could never use it. It's been a long time.

What is the cheapest way to get my A4000T networked? I have a USR wireless modem with 4 ethernet slots with 8096-1024 ADSL. I guess Amiga won't be able to use all that bandwith though?

I had OS3.9 and I also bought OS4.0 (never used it) I guess 128MB is a little too low for OWB or Netsurf to function properly.

There is still a possibility that my X-Surf could be fixed. I have Miami Deluxe.

I guess I'll need some kind of network package for my Amiga to read and write to my Windows7 machine's harddrives. Does AmigaOS4 have a soution that comes with the OS?

Is it possible to go wireless with my A4000T? I might set it up upstairs where there is a TV so I can use it with my VLab Motion (for fun)
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