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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Seems excessive to rotate something as big and heavy as a CRT, but can understand the desire to have the feature. :-) Besides the degaussing required after every rotation, could it also not give convergence problems in general? I mean the tube is adjusted for one orientation and when rotated, it won't be optimal any longer. Perhaps the errors are small enough to not be severe though.

For games in portrait mode, do they use the same tubes as regular landscape mode CRTs, i.e. with vertical scanlines or do some have horizontal scanlines in portrait-oriented tubes?
yes, it may seem excessive but i will add painted glass (bezel) to hide rotation system.

So to turn the screen, I should each time remove the glass...

So if possible turn button (3 positions switches) with automatic degauss is better way.

all my motor are not enougth powerfull
window viper motor is a good idea i will investigate to test it
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