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Cheers for the stuff!
I dabbled with 68k when I was younger, but gave up very easily. In the last few days I found this thread, and your posts, and I've just started working my way through this:

I'm using DevPac 3.04 for this, and had to make a few tweaks to the first bit of code to get it to assemble.

The first two issues I encountered were related to this line:
bne.s .l

and this line:
.l: move.l 4(a6),d1

which was fixed easily by modiyfing both ".l" to a longer set of characters. (I used ".lard" )

I have spotted code further on that also references .l

I guess these are likely limitations of DevPac 3.04?

- I am aware of other assemblers / vasm / phxass etc, but DevPac is familiar

Anyway, cheers!

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