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Originally Posted by clauddio View Post
I know it is possible because I have OS3.9 installed on my A1200+ kickstart 3.0 since long time ago....and it works like a charm
supposedly I always assumed that the malicious check for V40 libraries are inside the workbench.library

here is the beginning of my startup-sequence

run >nil: patchlibrary expansion.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary exec.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary utility.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary graphics.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary layers.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary keymap.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary intuition.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary dos.library 40
run >nil: patchlibrary gadtools.library 40
Has anyone got it working as Claudio recommended? Could you show your full s-s? I would like to see how you made it to run 3.9 on 3.0.

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