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Hmm, sorry, but I really don't have a good mind to rewrite and recompile workbench.library. Not for the 68000, nor for the 68020+ !!

Indeed v45.127 was the last 68000 compatible WB. V45.128 - v45.131 have been written by Mikolaj Calusinski. But it seems that he has simply disassembled v45.127 and then patched and optimized it here and there before reassembling it for the 68020. He has probably never tried to get the disassembler sources first in such a way that you can reassemble the code to get a 100 % identical executable compared to the original v45.127.

So, I would have to start with v45.127 again and need to reimplement all of Mike's bugfixes. That job really makes no fun.

But who knows, maybe one day I will feel soooo much bored that I start doing unexpected things. Better don't wait for that day.
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