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Questions from yet another Gotek noob

So I took the plunge and after finding a really cheap local source for a Gotek plus the necessary things to flash it, I'm ready to go, but am a bit afraid to fuck up. So here are some questions:

- My serial adapter does both 3.3V and 5V. Can I use 5V as set by default?
- I connected RX to TX and viceversa, the GND pin and now I need power. The serial adapter has a VCC pin. Am I right in assuming that would provide +5V that I can use? (assuming the previous answer is "yes you can use 5V")
- Does the USB-TTL need any drivers?
- I'm going to be using the Cortex firmware first just to test that the drive works, but I will eventually have the HxC firmware. Is the process exactly the same, to flash the gotek, as explained on the cortex page?

Here's how everything is looking like right now, any mistakes?

USB-TTL driver is installed and working as far as I can tell.
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