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You are Welcome, Pals.

AMR World Supremacy !!!

Others tried but...
Only the 'AMIGA Magazine Rack' makes it Possible!

Thanks to RCK, Codetapper, Galaxy and all others involved in this Project!

More coming Up these Days... Stay Tuned!

I'm looking for Someone (or more) Who wants to Volunteer in Indexing
the Mags from 4/95 Upwards and 6/91 Downwards.
Because, as You can See there are lots of Reviews missing.
All Issues from 11/91 to 4/95 are Fully Indexed.

Big Thanks to Tim Jannsen for adding most of the AJ-Reviews to the AMR-System.
Unfortunatley I can't get in Contact with Him. (M.I.A.)

31 Issues Still Need to be Indexed (and some also Scanned):
1989: 12
1990: 01-02-03-04-05-06-08-10-12
1991: 01-05-06
1995: 04-05-06-08-10-11-12
1996: 01-02-03-05-06-08-10-11
Special Issues 3-4-5

So if One of You could get an Account from Galaxy or Codetapper for the AMR...
Let's Pull this Off, and make a Complete Amiga Joker Archive!

I've Scanned over 6.000 (!!!) Pages of Amiga Joker for the AMR so Far!
Please "Someone Else" do the Indexing.

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