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Lightbulb Re: Hexaco (colour codes tool)

recent few months I've played with AmigaE compiler and MUI autodocs.
I have made a tiny tool intended for easily choosing a colour and copying its code to system clipboard.
There is an older version available on Aminet. Now I try improve my program a bit.
It's AmigaOS 68k binary.
The icon contains few supported tooltypes.
Can you, guys, test it for me? Especially I need tests under AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS4.x
The problem is I work with MorphOS and while the program works smoothly on my machine it doesn't mean it can work on real m68k machine the same way. And I don't own a ready to use classic Amiga for now.

To avoid mix-ups I described what parts don't work and what I succesively added.

Dec/hex/bin String field doesn't work as input for now. HTML name String field as well.
Both strings have no limitations as for range of input chars and number of chars.

Added: HTML String field work as an input while selecting a name from the list as well as while typing in by hand.

Added: hex/dec/bin String field now works as an input. Additional it has limitations of number of chars to input and of range of chars. Limitation change according to the cycle gadget state.
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