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Icaros Live! CD 2.2.8 (i386) released on Aminet

Right off the bat, the download link on Aminet was broken but the link is there for:

I don't have a spare PC to try this on so I tried it in VMware Fusion on my Macbook. It has boot options for screen resolution and I went with 1920 x 1080.

It looks great and uses Ken's Icons. I was tickled that it had DOpus and Protrekker with some included MODs along with some other familiar apps. I liked it but I have to say - and this is a personal bias that has nothing to do with anyone else's experience with this - it just wasn't the Amiga. I suppose once you start installing other Amiga 68k apps utilizing AmiBridge, the experience might well improve.

I could not get the installer to work with the virtual HD which shows up on the Bench after starting-up the Bench as "HD0:NDOS." At one point, I got it to install by choosing "use existing AROS partitions" which of course, didn't sound right, not without formatting. It began to copy files over but would stop and complain the drive was ejected OR it would throw checksum errors.

VMware provides an IDE drive which could be changed to SATA which the AROS installer also recognizes. The problem is the installer won't partition the drive. The default file system is SFS with the alternate choice of FFS-Intl. I tried both - no go.

At one point after several tries I got what appeared to be a full install, albeit with complaints about ejected drives. I chose the partition for the GRUB bootloader but upon reboot w/o the CD, it failed to boot, complaining it could not find the GRUB directory.

Given the obvious time they put into fitting all this on a 700mb CD image I could probably stick my neck out and declare it probably installs on real hardware just fine. I'll be curious to hear your feedback on installations on actual hardware to see whether grabbing an old PC might be worth the 50 or so bucks I'd likely spend on it.

Anyway - for AROS fans, this is no doubt a huge boon. I've already had the discussion on with others on FB this morning that this is the "only way" for Amiga to live on, that new HW (Vampire, etc.) is too expensive, blah, blah and I don't buy the argument. True, parts for classic hardware are going to dry up at some point but I think the new hardware will get cheaper with volume and time because it will be the obvious route to keep the 68k OS alive and kicking.

I suppose I'm a classic 68k Amiga custom chipset junkie and that certainly fuels my own bias(es).

Looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

EDIT: Description, from 2.28 to 2.2.8.

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