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No, it does not have a website... yet.

Jens, thanks for your input.

Currently the Zeus supports THREE different chip ram modes to speed things up:

1. 1:1 as in a real Amiga
2. It shortens write access timing, something along as you described it (which means it will break on some machines)
3. Zeus68k Cache; all IO goes through the Zeus' registers which will free the CPU once it has sent off the data.

The last mode is the most impressive one and makes have use of the Spartan's (FPGA) power. The user can select between these modes via the bootmenu. If some mode don't work in a particular Amiga, just use a different one.

EDIT: Update 2012-12-18:

Ok, some fantastic news right in time for Christmas... Here's some little info retrieved rom latest WHDLoad (1.72) beta package history text:

- new: support for Zeus68k pseudo vbr added, allows quit by key similar like a moved vector base, but only for interrupts not for exceptions
This means that WHDLoad will support the quit key function with a Zeus68k installed, even though the card utilises a 68000 processor only. Usually WHDLoad will require a 68010+ processor to support the quit key feature. This feature is implemented in the FPGA logic. This will make a standard A500 with Zeus68k the ideal WHDLoad machine.

Many thanks to Bert Jahn for making it happen. And the Season's Greetings to everyone around!

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