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I installed over gadgets and can't get it back

Title is difficult to understand. I'll keep this quick and easy

Tonight i installed Easynet Pro with the newer amitcp v4.
Everything worked fine

But for some stupid reason, i decided since it was part of the package to install the "classact2" demo included in the archive.

Since doing that, some functions on my Amiga no longer work, could be more but the ones i noticed were.

prefs/reaction (wants a resource library that already exists)
ANY Icon -> information .. will NOT bring up a window.
tools -> Editpad complains about a scroller.gadget - again of a version number that already exists.

Apparently my backup from 4 days ago didn't work so i have to work out how to get this back on manually.

Snoopdos is telling me nothing saying that everything is "OK" with no fails when loading editpad or reaction.

OS 3.9

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