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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
As MUI doesn't have transparency for the images (yet), you can use an square image -attached- for the radio to fill it all:
Here I did not understand

I've seen that you can get transparency in the lines of text with MUI, Settings, Text, Read Only, Background, Same as Parent object and also the same with the Container in Text . Well, I don't need to wait for any post; this MUI setup is just amazing .
I MUI4 use unregistered you will not let me edit and save

The thing is that I don't remember how did I get rid of the borders of the buttons and the image.
Try to remember why the GUI so it is more beautiful to behold

Edit: I've just made another Skin. I don't like it as much as the other
As skins would be nice solid colors with a few designs
Anyway it is better if you use real iff images. You can change them with Ultimate Paint in the Pc.
On PC there are other software that manage formats PC-Amiga, there is for example Aura (Ex TVPaint Amiga) or you can use old Amiga software, HERE I did a small review on the Italian forum.

Today I had fun making another nice logo "Amigos"

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