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Originally Posted by GROSDAMS View Post
in version 5.1 and 5.2 sometimes winuae unable to detect ports midi IN
in while the midi out ports are ok
Attach or email 2 winuaebootlog.txt log files (one when detection works and one when it fails)

Note that GUI has a bug, you need to adjust mouse/joystick port settings after changing MIDI or printer settings or they will be ignored. (confirm by selecting other GUI panel and then reselecting Ports-panel)

in this regard, I wanted to know what was the
best way to preserve M.I.D.I. synchronization whan i use MUSICX program
(the best program for the graphic notes edition I've ever seen)
it works well but if my midi event are too many (during a lap time) I have bad
I used the functions of priorities "above"
Sorry, can't help. I don't have any MIDI equipment. Note that sometimes "below normal" is better than "normal" and "above normal".
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