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M.I.D.I. in detection bug

hello world,

I write just to report a little MIDI bug which may be
only the cause of my configuration.

I have 4 usb port in/ou with one physical
connected with yamaha ES6 synthesizer

in version 5.1 and 5.2 sometimes winuae unable to detect ports midi IN
in while the midi out ports are ok

even if I uninstall all and try install them again
in version 5.0 and earlier I've never this problem
example: I launch version 5.1 it does not appear midi in
just after launching version 5.0: everything port are ok

I have no problem with my other midi software like cakewalk,or cubase

i could force it to works (but sometimes) when i load a valid midi configarution(<=winuae5.0),but the default
doesn't work and i don't understand because valid configuration is like
the default configuration (only midi host change)....

so if my setup is bad what other parameter that can
influence the detection of midi port

to summarize:I should use a configuration made with version 5.0
or Prior to put it on a version 5.2 or 5.1 so it works

in this regard, I wanted to know what was the
best way to preserve M.I.D.I. synchronization whan i use MUSICX program
(the best program for the graphic notes edition I've ever seen)
it works well but if my midi event are too many (during a lap time) I have bad
I used the functions of priorities "above"

sorry, my french translation to english is a bit rough

vive les bleus

n.b: mon est ordinateur peu puissant
athlon xp 1800 a 2.2 ghz
512 Mo dd sdram
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