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Vaporware worries me indeed.

It may be that Jens feels that the A500 market is too weak. I don't think that anyone here uses anything less than a pimped up A600 or A1200, if not a fully upgraded big box. We all keep our first A500 with passion, but who really fires it up more than once in a decade?
Amongst the few people that really use their A500 most have already got themselves the fine add-ons by Kipper2k, or are waiting for Zeus.
Those interested in the ACA500 are only dreaming about putting something else on it (like a PPC).

So, no release date makes me think that Jens is hesitating about this expansion and will eventually NOT release it unfortunately...
I'm eagerly awaiting the ACA500. I have a spare A1200 040 turbo board that needs to get some use. I think there will be many people who will put their spare A1200 accelerator cards into this. So here's hoping it'll work with Apollo's and Blizzard's etc. Also, I like the ACA500 spec as it has a real IDE port. The new kipper2k RAM/IDE that is coming out soon is a CF Card only one I think (correct me if I'm wrong?), and I'd really like a real large capacity fast HDD to go with my turbocard. Besides, you can always turn a 2.5" IDE port into CF if the user desires it, so the ACA would be a better choice in that regard.
Like a previous poster said, I also agree that the ACA500 could sell more than any other ACA ever has. We shouldn't rush Jens though.... let him work on it and perfect it and iron any bugs out. I'd sooner wait for perfection than end up with something that needs to be recalled..

Jens -> Take all the time you need on this, there is no rush.

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