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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
Seeing as how Jeff described patching it for WHDLoad as really difficult and all. And I can understand, as it seems the encryption protection is preventing me from making a working PSPUAE save state for it as the game will seemingly not run on a hardware setup different to what you installed it on to begin with.

WHDLoad would normally save the day for me but seeing as the PP install only supports the AGA version, and PSPUAE doesn't currently support the AGA chipset, I can honestly say I'm a bit screwed here!

I did try to use Jeff's "fix_install" with the Install program on the CD-ROM version (which also appears to apply encryption, and the data files on the CD aren't useable on any other media) but I guess it should've been obvious that it wasn't compatible.

I've spent tiresome hours trying to get this stubborn bastard of a game to do what I want it to, and frankly I'm wondering whether it's even worth trying to PSPUAE this for the guys over there for the time being.

Bloody Effigy and their weird protectionness!
Since I have made a completely new Pinball Prelude patch which supports the OCS and AGA version I can tell you that the protection was absolutely nothing special. Disk format was semi-interesting because each cylinder used a different SYNC, 4 different SYNCS were used which means every 8th track the SYNCs repeated. Other than that there is really nothing special or "weird" whatsoever when it comes to the protection.

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