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Originally Posted by spawnerbr View Post
Hi all. I'm using a new Power Supply on my CD32 that don't have PSU, So I bought a generic PSU that has 5v and 12v with 2A on both. My CD32 is a NTSC and on the original CD32 PSU I know that the 5v has 2.2A.
The question is, after trying to use this with the new PSU, the CD32 is very unstable. Sometimes de CD spins, sometimes not, sometimes boot and the games go to the Workbench's Shell.
When I use a big PSU that I have with more than 2A, it works perfectly.
This 2A to 2.2A can really do this problem? Kind regard.

Your not alone. I was using one of the generic PSU's, with higher amperage and it was very unstable after around 20mins. V-Sync was a big issue. I ripped apart 3 or 4 scart cables before I realised it was PSU. As the issue only seemed to happen after time. I didn't see it straight away, due to turning on, testing, turning off.

Switched back to the Original CD32 PSU and it works 100% Perfect. My old AT PSU also works fine with it.
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