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Originally Posted by oRBIT View Post
Me and my pal started with an interesting idea when we coded A/NES (the NES 8-bit emulator back in the days). We played with the idea of "hiding" relevant code as 6502, running the code through the emulator itself. I don't think we ever got it running properly but I think the idea is interesting.
Obfuscating (custom) code by running it through an emulator/parser of some sort.
Thats how major protections on PC work nowadays, running several functions through one or more virtual machines that e.g. blow a 1 kb function up to tons of megabytes including thousands of checks and checksums. Of course they are not uncrackable in the end, but looking at the pc scene nowadays, companies are near to achieve that aim. Luckywise those protections are expensive and 95% of the games use more simple methods. :-)
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