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sorry to bump an old thread but i downloaded the amiga gamebase v1.6 adf pack because it looks so much cleaner than tosec and appears to have only working game versions but i did notice that the version of spellbound dizzy & panic dizzy is the version cracked by fairlight.
in the tosec collection this same game is called dizzy's excellent adventures d2, now ia while back i played the fairlight cracked version and it is broken, the game breaks just after you collect the rubber snorkel. however the version cracked by flashtro does not crash and is completable.
it got me thinking that using only the amiga gamebase for my adf collection may be a mistake because maybe other bad cracked games were selected for the package.
i guess thats a potential problem with having only one version of a game included. every game would have to be completed to verify that the crack is good.
for the most part the gamebase collection appears to be fantastic though fair play.
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