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Thanks for all the advice, I've tried a fresh install on my work PC which works just fine so I'm going to re-install gamebase at home and follow all the advice.

It's been really interesting to discover all this - I work in the games industry as a character animator at Ninja Theory developing new titles and have only recently discovered emulation. From a purely nostalgic point of view (C64 and Amiga owner) it's great, but further to that it's really interesting to see what was achieved artistically on both machines and just how well many of those games hold up today.

I've been looking at a lot of great pixel artwork from the likes of Henk Nieborg recently and it's great to see.

Clearly a great deal of hard work's gone into developing WHDLoad and I'll certainly be registering, it's fantastic to have access to all of this gaming history.

Keep up the great work! - James
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