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I only re-zipped the whdls as used in Gamebase amiga, as specified in the "GameBase Amiga - Move WHDLoad (v1.4.3).bat". I then cross referenced that list with your dat file "Commodore Amiga - Games - WHDLoad (KGWHD-v2007-09-11_CM)" - and removed :-

as these weren't present in your dat fle. I was working on the assumption that if you have a dat file - then the contents of that dat must have windows legal file names.

The 36M saving was just on 1390 whdls from gamebase Amiga - I bet it'd been a bit more if it was run on the 1800'ish files in the cmpro dat file.

I've tested a few whdl's after the re-packing and they seemed ok.

I thought I'd post this info as it might be useful for future releases...


PS As I'm writing this I'm recompressing my GB ST zip's - saved 44Mb so far with 270 files left to recompress.
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