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Ok, but again I'll repeat the important things from my post above:

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Also, you have to remember that I've sent this out to over 150 x regular EAB members (plus 800+ one-time posters) and not everyone is online / downloads immediately... some take weeks and by that time I've updated / corrected small mistakes and re-uploaded the pack so that future people requesting don't have issues...

This means there will be people in different states; depending on which files they grabbed and if they followed my instructions; that you can't possibly accommodate for with your scripts

Anyway, I know that some of the updates became a bit messy; hence why I spent 24 hours re-uploading the applied "Base" + "Update Packs 1 - 10"...

I'd urge any of you that may have possibly missed things to just PM me for the new download URLs and then you only need to apply "Update Pack 11" and "Update Pack 12"
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