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...another sweet PM

Hope you don't mind me sharing in the thread Magnus?

Originally Posted by Striddan
A big "Hello" from a cold Sweden,

Just read about this collection and the work you put into it.. And wonder if there's a slight possibility to get the files from you ?

I just started with WinUAE to play some of my favorite games since I found my old Amiga(s) (500/1200/2000) in my parents house and found myself nostalgic and enjoyed it very much, but unfortunately don't have the space to have them up and connected at the moment (have 4 kids).

Hopefully I'll have my mancave in the future, as Amiga and also the C64 was my whole childhood, and have only but good memories from that period, and that also gave me the chance to work in IT (as I still do, and enjoy very much).

Kind regards,
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