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...another very nice PM; thanks man

Originally Posted by TechieInAK
Hey man,

I'm guessing you're flooded with PM's at this point. I saw the post about your collection over on Indie Retro News and couldn't help but bite. I've been working on putting together my own collection this past year, partly nostalgia, partly just to relive some of the good old days and partly to be able to show my son how daddy played games back in the day. Your collection seems like a fantastic starting point from an organizational structure and I'd love to have the opportunity to download a copy, assuming the servers are holding up

Also, I'd like to echo the sentiment of all of those that have expressed their appreciation for your efforts. From my own attempts to organize things, I know it can be a brutal effort and adding screenshots and your own stuff to it, I applaud you and appreciate your efforts to put this together and my gratitude for sharing it with the world.

Thanks, mate!

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