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I've been receiving loads of nice PMs

...I'll share one; hope you don't mind Enrico?

Originally Posted by Enridzz
Ciao DamienD,

this evening my attention was caught by a post in FB on the page "psygnosis-Fanpage" announcing the Damiend's WinUae Collection, so here I am. I'm from Italy, Venice, i'm 46 and I'm in love with everything concerns retro game but expecially Commodore's things, Amiga and c64 most of all. My brother and I spent hours/days of our lives playing dozens of funny, fantastic games and of course now everything that reminds me or may recall that funny period is inside my computer...It's not the same thing, doesn't make me feel the same way, of course, but the GameBase Collection (huge and complete of most the published collections), AmiKit, Amiga Forever (with a Clone copy of my old amiga hdd) gives some fun to me and my three kids, say 2... the older is becoming "too old"... "Unfortunately" my job takes the majority of my time, the remaining is for my family but whenever I can I always try to re organize and then play with my archive, but I thing you did it much better...
This long, sorry, presentation is because I would like to ask you if I can be honoured to have the chance, or how to get the chance to download your incredible work and in case, I need to know if I have to keep that only for me, which I suppose the answer is yes.

Thanks for the chance, any answer willl be appreciated, positive or negative.

Thanks a lot,

ps. please forgive my english
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