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I'm going to pick at a couple of things, sorry

You have a lot of game names beginning with 'The'. Personally I would have added ',The' to the end of the game name.

The drive lights show every light there ever was ! Did you know that you can customise what on-screen LED's are shown ?. You have to add something like this to the config and what lights you want displayed :-


I asked Tony several years ago if he could add this to the GUI so it will be easier to edit (and remember that it exists !) but it was way at the bottom of priorities.

And lastly, all your disk images are extracted. This allows WinUAE to write directly to the image. (Unless you have selected 'Write Protect' for every game ?). Was that intentional ? If they were zipped then it would create a separate 'differences only' file if written to.
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