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Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
Does it contain all of the GamebaseAmiga as well ?
No; there are games in GameBase Amiga that I'm not remotely interested in (and probably vice-versa)...

The GameBase Amiga legend; Belgarath is my good friend and we've both been helping each other out with "our" collections for over a decade now

Unfortunately Belgo has been MIA for the past year though; happens to us all, you will find a lot of the same files in each.

Saying that, none of my "custom .HDFs" / "[AmigaCD] --> HDFs" can be found anywhere in other collections...

Actually, well, not entirely true... you'll probably find them in ransom1122's "Ultimate Amiga for Raspberry Pie" collection considering he's had my complete WinUAE collection for 2+ years now and uses a shit loads of my files / base configurations in his project; as it makes things much easier for him

Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
Does the upload contain your latest screenshot alterations ?
Yes, most definitely
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