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So after trying to setup GB that time, I've given up. Now 6 months later I've regained my strength to try it again. And failed of curse because GB is one huge mystery to install

I beg you good ppl of amiga board to help me once again:
Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
Wrong start:
you must use WinUAE included in GameBase Amiga!
in GameBase Amiga you have:


WinUAE that you must use is in "Emulators" folder
There's no "WinUAE included in GameBase Amiga"
Here's the list of files: includes:
Official GEMUS DAT

there's no WinUAE in any of these directories...
As I can see, WinUAE isn't included in any of the gamebase files anywhere (not in the 1.3 version, nor in the 1.6 and neither in GB 2.0)???
Can you please direct me to specific link where's gamebase with winuae which you are talking about and that should work?

Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
Install 1 and then 2.

install 3 and copy file in the Gamebase directory created from 1
I've installed "gamebase-setup-v1.3-full.exe" to c:\GameBase (default location)
Then I've installed "GameBase Amiga v1.6 Setup.exe" to same c:\GameBase (it aked me to installit to program files but I've choose c:\Gamebase dir instead)
Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
decompress gamebase amiga 2.0 and copy all files in Gamebase Amiga.

If you have folder Gamebase Amiga (defualt 1.6 install) you have to change mdb fo 2.0 in GameBase Amiga.mdb.
I have copied all of the files from "GameBase Amiga 2.0 Core" into c:\Gamebase
Also I've changed name "GameBase Amiga 2.0.mdb" into "GameBase Amiga.mdb"
Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
Use then GBToolBox to associate it to database.

if it works, then update to GameBase Amiga 2.1 in the same way (if you have another mdb you have make the same things)
Use again GBToolBox.
I couldn't do anything with GBToolBox except to delete old database???
Could you explain in detail steps how to associate the database?
Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
If you emulator are not configured you have to go in "Gemus" menu from GameBase Database and choose "WinUAE v1.4.2a (Joystick)" that should be the first in the list (if not you have to use arrows to put in the first line)
How do I choose it???
Only way I could get to anything that resembles your instruction is if I go to "GEMUS>Emulator setup wizard". There, on the step "Search for emulators" it asks me "Search path" where I direct it to the install dir of the Winuae (3.5.0, I don't have any other because of problem in first step in this thread) and then it lists me "Select the emulators you wish to setup" where I have from WinUAE 1.1 to WinUAE 1.5.0 BUT I can't choose any, neither the "select all" option works...

Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
Launch Gamebase Amiga and go in "Tool" and "Available Files" to load them in database.
There's no such "Available Files" option. However there is "verify available Files" which is greyed out???

Why is this so hard????
Why the hell haven't anyone made "Gamebase full installation final V2.1" (included EVERYTHING) so you just have to click "GameBase.exe" to play your favorite games and not this monstrosity of a "update this, update that, then if your lucky and the moon is on the seventh parallel from the sun, you can include database BUT only if the winuae have pleased gods"
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