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Nothing on the back of the box saying that it's enhanced when using 1MB (or more):

It does mention "A500/PLUS/AA600/A1200"...

At work so can't listen to the sound but:

Loaded "Sink or Swim (1993)(Zeppelin)[cr QTX][f level 9][t +5 SCX].adf" using a "Quickstart A500 1.3 ROM, ECS Agnus, 512 KB Chip RAM + 512 KB Slow RAM" configuration.

Loaded "Sink or Swim (1993)(Zeppelin)(Disk 1 of 2).ipf" + "Sink or Swim (1993)(Zeppelin)(Disk 2 of 2).ipf" using a "Quickstart A1200 Basic non-expanded" configuration.

Took screenshots of the following and compared:
a) the "first title" screen.
b) "Sink or Swim text" screen.
c) "man getting into submarine" screen.
d) "1st level" screen.

Exactly the same results; no visual difference at all

...will compare the sound between the 2 different sets / configurations when I'm home tonight
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