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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Just in case..

Snow Bros, the only 100% working cracked copy is Galahads FINALBETAFIX aka "Do not spread" 1 disk version.
All other versions has a tendency to skip back to title screen occasionally during gameplay.
erghh...can Sir Galahad release a non-beta spread like wildfire version perhaps??

Anyway just looked through what tosec reports as problem disks and these are my findings

1000 Miglia
Apparently all bad cracks...I've marked it as such in GameBase,

Abu Simbel Profanation
contains a virus, there are no clean versions

ADI Reading 6-7
disk 2 and 3 corrupt files, no good versions known

Aventures de Moktar
Apparently this is a beta copy but no crack of the final version exists?

Double Dragon

Great Courts
Does this game have manual protection? if yes then I need the clean qtx crack, if not I can use the extended adf

John Madden

Karate Kid Part II
trained versions are bad doscopys, I don't want to replace unless its known that the game is actually broken

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
already replaced, the adf is not in tosec


Corrupt file but it's the best available adf...

Lords of Doom
another corrupt file but it's the best available for ver 1.00...

Needs replacing, does anyone have the fixed version? crc=5bd1ab2f

disk 1 needs replacing with Pit-Fighter (1991)(Tengen - Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr ATX][t +19 ATX] crc=b6c22f60 I need a copy of this disk

Rainbow Islands
apparently most are bad doscopys but I'm reluctant to replace the +11 flashtro version unless someone tells me the game really is broken

Retee 2 = disk 2 had a corrupt file but again it's the best available...

cracked versions all have errors, there's one clean uncracked version but does it needs cracking or is it perfectly playable?

Seven Cities of Gold
Apparently all disk 1's are bad doscopys

Shaq Fu (ocs)
I need a copy of the clean disk 5 crc=f563a9f2

Sony Game
bad doscopy, only trained version available, I'd like it proven it doesn't work before replacing

Time Race
I need a copy of disk 2 crc=7ce683f2

Tower of Souls
disk 1 is bad, both copies of the trained disk 1 are bad, does the trainer break the game? I don't like replacing trained versions with non trained if i can help it

Typhoon = no good copies, this is the best available...
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