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they weren't mixed cracks when I put the disks together
I generally try and make sure all the disks get accessed so that I know the disks work with each other, I'll look into the mixed cracks though, it could just that tosec made a mistake naming them..we are all human

As for Helter Skelter there are actually two versions, the Ackerlight version is the 1988 one whereas the SR is the actual 1990 copy.

The 88 ver has a different title screen and if you look at the variety of review dates I'm pretty sure the 88 version was a genuine release.

I'm looking at the bad copies at the moment, 1000 miglia, there's no good crack it seems....(Galahad???) and I've put a comment in GameBase as no good crack known but best available.

Double Dragon I've replaced, thanks for spotting that one.

I'm going to carry on checking now and report back in a bit.
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