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Wow a GB Amiga question..hmm let's see.

One of the problems I personally found is that compatibility with the newer winuae's is somewhat broken, so whilst every game worked once they definitely don't all work now.
Have you tried any other AGA games?

Deliplayer could be a tricky one, you've not mentioned what OS you're using? People have had problems with it under Windows 7 (it works for me but the volume always starts off at 0 for some reason). In GB Amiga the filename for the music player should be yourpath\deli.exe and the command line should be %musicfile%
There are other music players but I've had mixed results with both XMPlay and BZR Player, XMPlay plays a lot but not all, BZR plays some that XMP won't but actually crashes on others.

As for WHDLoad, try looking on the gamebase 64 forum, there's some very helpful people on there and someone may have made the whdload pack available.
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