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Just to say that I have now completed my work building the Amiga 1000 archive. Quite a challenge in the end and finished with me building a 3' high stack of floppies and half a dozen zip disks plus the various workbench and support disks including the 1060 disks. I have now put away all the various disk boxes for software and games but have kept out a good batch of various disks so I can use with the Amiga 1000.

I have catalogued the software and games by year and in respect of software the various disciplines such as desktop, video, paint packages and the like. I have basically used three key years and that is 85,86 and 87 with a sprinkling of 88 when software has been updated.

I have collated seven CDs which I have called the Amiga 1000 Era and include all the games and software in ADF format, the video of the Amiga History in MP4 format, full sets of Amiga World magazine in PDF format together with various articles, photographs and interviews with Jay Miner for example.

And so that goes into the library. And onward... I have already set up the A500 with 590 to progress onto a similar collection for the 500 which will be a lot larger. I kinda miss the 1000 for two reasons, now I have set up the 500. First is that the 1000 was very quiet compared to the 500 with the 590 and I did like front loading disks on the 1000. The 1000 is a lot more robust in terms of disk swap and being able to handle anything I threw at it. Whilst the 500 is a lot more temperamental when using a lot of copy disks that carry more over in memory and survives the soft-boot. I rarely had to hard the 1000 in truth and after the kick she basically would take anything I threw at her.

One other point of note and that is the 1000 became a one disk machine.... in other words if the game or software came on one disk it probably was designed for the 1000. With only the 512K its funny how many times I got the notification that I need to buy more memory.... very polite I would add. I have grown to like the 1000. Happy days.

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