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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
A small bug report: on Mac, the ".DS_Store" settings file left by Finder prevents AmigaDOS from deleting an otherwise empty directory.
Thanks, a good point I hadn't though about. FS-UAE should try to delete the ignored files (.DS_Store, Thumbs.db) before trying to delete the dir

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Also, could it work to hide the .UAEM files on Mac by prefixing with a period sign? It would look much nicer and cleaner when browsing your directory-based drives on the Mac side.
I did think hard and long on that one (and with leading dot *and* hidden attribute on Windows, they'd be hidden on all platforms. I also considered having a hidden .uaem directory with the meta files bundled up, etc.

But the winning argument was this: When moving / copying files on the host side, you *should* include the .uaem files as well, so the metadata is preserved. If the files are hidden, many people won't even know they are there. Now, it is at least obvious that there are some files there you must be aware of (and they'll generally be stored side-by-side with the original file since it includes the original filename as prefix).

And I don't really want this to be configurable, since then the directory hard drives will no longer be portable between systems / users which has different preferences.

(But I do have in mind a per-volume option to skip storing .uaem files at all, if you don't need full metadata support for a volume...)

Originally Posted by amigafreak68k View Post
Normally files with a leading "." should be hidden on Mac OS X
Yes, Leffmann meant adding a leading dot to *.uaem files, there is no leading dot currently.
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