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Happy New 'Classic Amiga' DVD Burn/Rip Utils Available For Free Download !

Hi everyone

Just thought I'd let everyone know who may be interested about some small DVD burning/ripping utils that I have written and are now available for free on Aminet.

I wrote these progs cause I could never get FryingPan to work properly on my various A1200 set ups, and the only prog I could use successfully was AmiDVD, but that prog only runs on OS4 and OS4.0 it just too slow on my set up.

So I wrote my own utils to run on my "Classic Amigas" and thought I would put them on Aminet for others to use if they so wish.

The project is still 'work in progress' but I intend to keep updating the utils if others find them useful. They are written in 68k and are CLi / Shell only at the moment but they work on my set ups listed below.

If you think they may be of any use to you then you can download them on the link below from Aminet.

Don't be too disappointed if they don't work on your set up yet, as I am relying on feedback/bug reports from users in order to improve them.

Machines Tested On:-

A1200 Blizzard060/PCC603 60Mhz/240Mhz / 256Meg Ram / 2 x 500Gb HD's / 2 x DVD Burners / FASTATA MKIII
A1200 Blizzard060 60Mhz / 128Meg Ram / 160Gb HD / 2 x DVD Burners / FASTATA MKIII
A1200 Viper030 28Mhz / 64Meg Ram /160Gb HD / 2 x DVD Burners / 4xEDIE
A1200 GVP030 40Mhz / 4Meg Ram / 160GB HD / 2 x DVD Burners / 4xEIDE

Roms Tested:- KS 3.0 & 3.1
OS Tested:- 3.0 , 3.1 , 3.5 , 3.9 & 4.0

Please read all the docs if you download them before attempting to use any of the utils, in particular the DVDripISO util.

Hope someone can find a use for them and if you do please let me know what you think of them.



Click Here to Download
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