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Originally Posted by guest.r View Post
OK i'll port it soon, i guess it will work as it should.

Edit: OK done porting. Scaler should be set to none. And don't forget it's tweakable.


Yea most crt shaders have #define variables which can control horizontal or/and vertical blending.


#define SHARPNESS_H 0.5
#define SHARPNESS_V 1.0

#define hardScan -8.0
#define hardPix -3.0
#define shape 2.0
crt-hyllian has horizontal sharpness hack etc.

In my experiance some degree of vertical blending is nice also as it cooperates with scanlines, but yeah, full strength vertical blending does really not feel right.
All right, with the risk of you having posted a link before, where are the instructions for use/tweak of the zip on

Note this is in WinUAE not FS-UAE which should be almost the same but perhaps not exactly the same.

So I'm taking your advice. To just get "halfbrite scanlines aligned to verticaly lores pixels" (to start with), which mask and D3D shader should I select for

a) default windowed 720x568 resolution
b) fullscreen 1920x1080 resolution? (Also any aspect ratio tips for this one as it seemed to stretch a default config.)

And then I can go from there as a starting point. Cos I've tried a bunch of combinations and most do not yield a good picture in these resolutions.
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